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for solo voice and piano

Songs II
for voice and piano

Edited by Veronika Vejvodová

Vocal texts: Cz/Eng/Ger 

• Second volume of the new five-volume Urtext edition of Dvořák’s complete solo songs with piano
• First Urtext edition
• Detailed foreword (Cz/Eng/Ger) and critical commentary (Eng) by the editor
• Must-have for both professional singers and amateurs

BA 11517_Dvorak_Pisne_II_cover_high voiceBA 11517_Dvorak_Pisne_II_1BA 11518_Dvorak_Pisne_II_cover_low voice

Tři novořecké básně op. 50 (B 84b)(Three Modern Greek Poems)
Písně na slova Gustava Pflegra-Moravského op. 2 (B 123–124)(Songs to Words by Gustav Pfleger-Moravský)
Dvě písně na lidové texty s. op. (B 142)(Two Songs on Folk Poems)
V národním tónu op. 73 (B 146)(In Folk Tone)
Čtyři písně op. 82 (B 157)(Four Songs)
Písně milostné op. 83 (B 160)(Love Songs)
Ukolébavka s. op.  (B 194) (Lullaby)
Zpěv z Lešetínského kováře, op. posth. (B 204)(Song from “The Smith of Lešetín”)

Following the publication of Dvořák’s early set of love songs Cypresses, all his other songs with piano accompaniment are now appearing in new Urtext editions.

Songs II comprise the mature works from Dvořák’s late period of 1878–1901, with the exception of Gypsy Songs and Biblical Songs, which will be published in separate volumes. Besides two cycles, the well-known Love Songs and the more discrete Three Modern Greek Poems, the volume also contains some entirely unknown pieces, which were not included in the Complete Edition of the Works of Antonín Dvořák: Lullaby and the posthumously published Song from “The Smith of Lešetín” completed by Josef Suk.
The songs and song cycles in this edition vary in the character of poetry they are founded on, the manner of the treatment and translation of the poetic texts. They are presented in chronological order in versions for high and low voice. Each volume contains the vocal text underlaid in three languages (Cz/Eng/Ger). For the most part the translations were taken from the first edition, but in some cases a new translation was made.

This first Urtext edition was prepared by Veronika Vejvodová, curator of the Antonín Dvořák Museum in Prague, according to a new assessment of the sources and first prints.

Songs II – high voice • ISMN 979-0-2601-0798-4  
BA 11517
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Songs II – low voice • ISMN 979-0-2601-0799-1 
BA 11518
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In preparation:
Gypsy Songs (Cigánské melodie) op. 55
Urtext / ed. by Veronika Vejvodová
BA 10431 (will replace H 1559) • high voice
BA 10432 (will replace H 1739) • low voice 
To appear in October 2017