HRADECKÝ: Two-Part Piano Miniatures

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NEW September 2017

Emil Hradecký
Two-Part Piano Miniatures on One Page
16 simple piano pieces for beginners
Illustration by Andrea Tachezy

H 8034_Hradecky_ Dvouhlase_skladbicky• album of small recital pieces for beginners at the piano from experienced teacher and composer
• new teaching material for piano
• clever illustrations to kindle children’s musical imagination

The Czech composer and teacher Emil Hradecký (b. 1953) has devoted much of his creative output to children and the piano. His Two-Part Piano Miniatures on One Page are ingenious small piano pieces for beginners which are easy to play yet melodically interesting. Here children are introduced to the character of classical music as well as various dance forms: cha-cha-cha, tango, waltz, polka, blues and boogie-woogie.

H 8034 Hradecký, Dvouhlasé skladbičky_NOTY
The pieces are composed on whole-tone, pentatonic and gypsy scales and include a folksong arrangement.

Contents: Menuet / Dialogue (Rozhovor) / The Bear (Medvěd) /
Waltz (Valčík) / On the Swing (Na houpačce) / Polka / When the Dove Flew Out (Vyletěla holubička) / In the Desert (Na poušti) / The Sad Doll (Smutná panenka) / Tango / Cha cha-cha / A Little Rain (Deštník) / In China (V Číně) / Mist (Mlha) / Blues / Boogie 

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