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The Bärenreiter publishing group is an internationally recognised publisher of classical music with a guarantee of high quality and a wide range of editions to choose from. The traditions of this publishing house have been developing since its founding in 1923. The parent company has its headquarters in Kassel, Germany, with a network of branches in Switzerland, Britain, the United States and the Czech Republic. The company´s production reflects musical development from the Middle Ages to the present and includes, alongside the standard concert repertoire, also educational music, contemporary music and books about music. Bärenreiter is a specialist particularly in complete critical editions of works (Bach, Händel, Mozart, Schubert, Berlioz, Janáček, Martinů and many others) and in practical urtext editions. The company also publishes orchestral scores and parts. The traditional meticulous editing work during the preparations for the titles, together with a flawless design and high-quality print have secured the publishing house a leading position on the international sheet-music market.

Bärenreiter Praha, as part of the Bärenreiter publishing group, communicates and develops its objectives particularly in the publication of works by Czech and Slovak composers and authors in the fields of both classical and educational music. Apart from the distribution of its own titles, it is also the exclusive representative for the entire group's production for Central and Eastern Europe. Alongside its publishing commitments, the company also incorporates a Hire Library for the hire of sheet music, parts and scores which arranges the hire of titles both for concert performances and for stage productions. Apart from its own production, this department also represents that of foreign publishers (Alkor-Edition Kassel, Boosey & Hawkes, Bote & Bock, Schott, DSCH Publishers, among others).