Urtext editions

Bärenreiter Praha maintains the legacies of great Czech composers by publishing their works in Urtext editions. Our new editions of these classic works are prepared by editors who are eminently qualified as expert musicologists and musicians. Editors collect and assess all the available sources, which they then use to critically process the musical text to present the work to musicians in a form most faithful to the composer’s intentions.

However, present-day performers expect excellent service as well as authenticity, and so our new Urtext editions feature impeccable graphic design and editing of the notation, an erudite preface, a critical report that lists possible differences in the sources, or links to online supplements. Editions of vocal works also contain high-quality vocal translations, separately printed vocal texts, transpositions for different voice types, etc.

Our editions are prized by conductors and musicians alike, and their high quality has been recognised by numerous prestigious “Best Edition” awards of the German Music Publishers Association: